The Architecture of Violence

Documentary for the Aljazeera English Rebel Architecture series

“Architecture and the built environment is a kind of a slow violence. The occupation is an environment that was conceived to strangulate Palestinian communities, villages and towns, to create an environment that will be unliveable for the people there”.

On a journey across the settlements and roads of the West Bank and along the Separation Wall, Israeli architect Eyal Weizman demonstrates how architecture is central to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Israelis and Palestinians explain how it feels to live in a landscape where everything, from walls and roads, terraces and sewage, to settlements and surveillance are designed to ensure the separation of the two peoples, while simultaneously maintaining control.

Duration: 25 minutes

Director: Ana Naomi de Sousa

D.O.P: Woody James

Field Producers: Ghassan Khader & Yuval Ben Yehuda

Editor: Cesar Caldito

Executive Producer: Daniel Davies

Commissioning Editor: Flora Gregory

First Broadcast: September 2014, Al Jazeera English

Film page:

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