Al Jazeera English / Rebel Geeks: Hacking Madrid

Documentary for the AlJazeera English Rebel Geeks series

Hacking Madrid is a documentary film exploring the first months in power of two young politicians, Pablo Soto and Miguel Arana, who have come to office amid the throes of radical political change in Spain.

Their first mission is to change the way legislative and political decisions are made in Madrid, by implementing a more direct democracy that gives power back to the people. To do this, they must draw on new technological tools as well as their own experiences in the grassroots movement that burgeoned in Spain from 2011.

But as they attempt to drastically reform the way local politics functions in the traditionally conservative capital, new challenges and obstacles come to the fore. Can Pablo and Miguel give power back to the people of the city?

Producer & Director: Ana Naomi de Sousa

DOPs: Adrian Aragones & Tomas Ybarra

Field Producer: Adrian Aragones

Editor: Juan Manuel Biain

Executive Producers: Daniel Davies, Hugh Hartford, Anson Hartford

Production Company: Banyak Films

Commissioning Producer: Farid Barsoum

First Broadcast: December 2015, Al Jazeera English

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