Living Room / The Right to Host

Living Room / The Right to Host is a project that explores the space of the living room in towns and houses where refugees live, especially those coming from places where hosting is an important cultural and political practice.

The short documentary is set in the far north of Sweden, near the Arctic circle – an area where Sweden now sends many of its asylum seekers and refugees – and was made with Palestinian architect Sandi Hilal.

It asks questions about how the dynamics between the “guest” and the “host” can be shifted by the simple act of hosting, in the space of the living room.

Filmed entirely in the town of Boden, in Sweden – where hospitality and entertaining are usually conducted according to rigid social norms – the question the film asks is not what refugees have left behind, but what they might have brought with them.

The film was commissioned by the Swedish architecture museum, ArkDes, for their exhibition on Public Luxury, which runs until 2019:

Living Room is part of Art is Happening, Public Art Agency Sweden.

To request a viewing copy of the film, please contact me by email