The Guardian: Lisbon’s bad week – police brutality reveals Portugal’s urban reality

From time to time, cars of curious people drive slowly though Bairro da Jamaica, craning their necks for a peek at the neighbourhood that’s been in the headlines across Portugal for several days now. None of them step out of their vehicles.

They’re here to look at the broken glass, the smashed roof tiles and the evidence of last week’s violence. The tallest of the bairro’s self-built housing towers is now derelict, fenced off with yellow tape and awaiting demolition; the others are also scheduled to be torn down, but are still occupied for now.

“Most of the residents here are just regular people: they go to school, they work, they pay their bills, they pay taxes, they contribute to society like everyone else,” says Liliana Jordão, 27, a resident of this neighbourhood on the southern outskirts of greater Lisbon. “But if Bairro da Jamaica already had a really bad reputation, this week it’s been like a zoo.”