HOME at the Young Vic Theatre

What is home? Place. Smell. Feeling. Memory. Idea. Not here. In response to Tree Young Vic Taking Part have been working with young people from across Lambeth and Southwark to create HOME, an installation for audiences to experience home through the senses of a fifteen year old South Londoner. What does ‘home’ mean to them? For some it’s a specific place, for some a sensory experience. Comfort, smells of cooking or noises both peaceful and intrusive. For some it’s where they feel most atRead more

The Guardian: Lisbon’s bad week – police brutality reveals Portugal’s urban reality

From time to time, cars of curious people drive slowly though Bairro da Jamaica, craning their necks for a peek at the neighbourhood that’s been in the headlines across Portugal for several days now. None of them step out of their vehicles. They’re here to look at the broken glass, the smashed roof tiles and the evidence of last week’s violence. The tallest of the bairro’s self-built housing towers is now derelict, fenced off with yellow tape and awaiting demolition; the others are alsoRead more